FAQ about Gazzda furniture

How long does the delivery take?

All Gazzda furniture is made to order. Shipping usually takes 8 to 12 weeks.

Do you have furniture in stock?

Very rarely do we have individual items in stock. If an item is in stock in our warehouse this is clearly stated in the product description.

Can I pick up my furniture in Munich and save money?

Yes, if you can come by relatively flexibly in terms of time, you can pick it up yourself. We would be happy to make you a separate offer. Please use the contact form.

Can I order special sizes?

For Gazzda, special dimensions are only worthwhile for large quantities. So if you want to set up a hotel, there is a good chance that Gazzda will produce it especially for you. No special dimensions are made for production numbers of less than 25 pieces.

Can I order a piece of furniture with my own upholstery fabric?

Yes, this is now possible! To determine if your upholstery material is suitable, Gazzda needs a 60 x 60 cm piece of upholstery fabric or leather.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

Can I have fabric samples and leather samples sent to me?

Yes, we are happy to lend you samples for a nominal fee of 85 Euros. This includes shipping - and return shipping within Germany. The samples must be sent back to us within 3 weeks. The protection fee will either be charged in full with your order or we will refund it minus a processing fee of 15 Euros.

Can I reorder individual parts?

The new headboard for your bed, for example? Yes, that is possible. We are happy to make a price inquiry with Gazzda. However, the prices are high compared to the overall price of the furniture.