Maintenance of solid wood

Wood is a living material. Oiled and waxed wood is easy to care for and self-cleaning. Because the wood pores are not sealed tightly, the wood can breathe and only needs to be supplied with oil to stay beautiful. With proper care, your furniture will stay like new.

In daily use, you should clean your solid wood furniture with a slightly damp cotton cloth and then wipe it dry.

  • Liquid should be removed quickly, as this removes moisture from the wood. Then natural wood changes its color and in the worst case can even crack.
  • You can quickly remove smaller stains with natural soap. Then rub the cleaned surfaces dry again.
  • For stubborn areas, you can sand the surface down a bit and apply new oil. So you have a piece of furniture that is like new again.

In order to enjoy your piece of furniture for a long time, we recommend re-oiling it 1-2 times a year. Your piece of furniture will stay like new. You can buy the right care from Gazzda here in a practical set. > GAZZDA Care & Repair Set