Flowerpots or sculptures? The artworks of Mari Masot from Barcelona

To be honest, the colorful flowerpots by mari masot from Barcelona look so pretty, they do not really need any plants. But if you want to grow a green plant in it, the two harmonize wonderfully.
Anyway, we immediately fell in love and spared no effort to get them here all the way from Barcelona to Munich. In Barcelona, the American artist Marissa McInturff has opened her small workshop and throws her wonderful two-piece flowerpots by hand, each of which is already a sculpture in itself. Some remind of a totem, others are just playful.
The flower pots always consist of a foot with a good stand and a planter. They help you to arrange your flower window varied.
The flowerpots are handmade and can vary slightly in size. They are suitable for small plants whose roots are not supposed to be in the water.
Available online here.
(Photo: MariMasot)


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