Many years Nauli planner

Feedback zu Nauli Kalendern

A customer from the USA wrote us recently saying thank you for her 6th Nauli calendar, which will accompany her through 2021. 

She had attached this photo.

Sometimes this kind of feedback is exactly what we need to believe in Nauli. Today is such a moment.

Often this kind of feedback comes about our planners. And just as the Nauli calendars have found their place in the bookshelves of our customers over the years, we have a very special relationship with our calendar customers. This is probably due to the regularity with which your orders come in. When one is not ordering again, we often get really worried and are especially happy when we still hear from each other.

The Nauli planners have been around since 2012. And some customers have been loyal to us ever since. We use the inner books of Diarpell. This year we had to wait a long time before we could start binding them. Corona has changed a lot. A little change has been done with the planners, too. They no longer have punched tabs in the address section.

Thank you for your loyalty!

> Small Weekly Planners (DIN A6)

> Large Weekly Planners (DIN A5)

> Super Large Weekly Planners (DIN A4)


> Small Day Planners

> Large Day Planners (DIN A5)

> Super Large Day Planners (DIN A4)


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