9 gift ideas for the baby shower

A baby is expected. Do you want to give a fair produced gift? We found eight wonderful products, beside the in the Nauli Keepsake Memory Box. All made by small manufacturers in Europe. Many of them we know by ourselves.

1. The great crocheted fox music box is from the MJUKstore. Textile designer Anja Meyer has already inspired many with her crochet creations and won the Etsy Design Award in 2016. So apart from our passion for handmade quality products, we have even more in common.

2. The cuddly blanket by Internaht is made of organic cotton, and like all products of the Dresden manufactory of unique quality. With Annett we not only associate the love of high quality and materials, these guarantee, but also the commitment to the community of small designers and manufactories in Germany. 

3. Okay, it will need a while before the baby can stand to measure it's size. But the English Palace Guardian is also doing well as a nursery decoration. Found on Etsy, made by DustyRoseUKGifts.

4. The pillow tractor is from sons of sons and certainly awakens the baby to love strong machines.

5. Our Keepsake Memory Box is our newest pride. She stands for everything that Naul stands for. We want to keepsake good experiences and thoughts! Although young parents can hardly imagine they ever would forget something, it's good to jot down  the magic of the first weeks and months. We made it for babies, but actually you should create a new one for each year! The Japanese paper balloon is an eyecatcher for the little one.

6. A real eye-catcher for the nursery is the whale shelf by Arkidee from France. The website is in French. The Etsy Shop is more international.

7. Of course, a pacifier chain should not be missing. Little A. never had a pacifier, but if we look around, that's really rare. This one is hand painted. The marbled balls are super stylish and the product description of illyandmommy on Etsy convinced us.

8. Who does not know the little caterpillar ? Johanna knows very well that it was the first book that she knew by heart and could therefore "read" to her little sister. Mumpitzdesign has probably also good memories and made a matching baby rattle. For those who like to do their own manuals, Doreen Blask also sells the manual.

9. Kandatsu's cool pants are guaranteed to be a favorite piece of clothing - by baby and parents. During the first few weeks with the baby, it quickly becomes clear what is practical and what only looks good. Like all of Kandatsu's clothes, it's cut so the baby can move it's body, the material: - of course - organic jersey. Designer and maker Manja  is our loyal partner when it comes to support small designers and manufacturers.

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