All you need these days... - Mini umbrellas in great color combinations by Anatole, Paris

Regenschirme Bicolore von Anatole im Onlineshop von Nauli & Stories aus München
The pocket umbrellas from ANATOLE come in special color combinations and shine even on dark rainy days. Folded they are only 17,5cm long and with 220g light weight you won't feel them much in your handbag. Perfect for the April rain that is surprising us every other day this summer.
Anatole MiniRegenSchirme bei Nauli & Stories im Onlineshop
They are of high quality workmanship. At first sight you'll recognize the wooden handle.
Its frame consists of fiberglass spokes, which are reinforced with carbon.
Knauf Taschenschirm Anatole aus Paris in München kaufen
Schirm orange pink Anatole
Anatole Taschenschirm blau rot Onlineshop Nauli & Stories
Blauer Regenschirm Anatole
gelb blauer Regenschirm

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