Our Nauli hearts are jumping: cat and calendar

Of course, customer photos are always a great pleasure for us. But this is by far the most beautiful we have ever received. The cat has chosen the Nauli Daily Calendar as tail rest. Maybe she's a little jealous of what this great calendar will get for attention from its new owner ...

Artist Frau Wandklex  plans her days with the help of the Nauli calendar. For her full order books, she needs a calendar that offers one page per day. 

Frau Wandklex Auftragsarbeit der Lieblings- Vierbeiner gemalt

Have we just talked about Frau Wandklex ? This is Ingrid Heuser. An artist who, like us, lives her dream: she has turned her passion, painting, into a bread job. She not only paints watercolor paper, but also walls and ceilings!
We follow each other on Twitter  and Instagram  and we are always amazed at what a woman can do! Have a look!


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