Himmel Kunst und Zwirn - our Etsy PopUp Shop in Munich

Etsy Pop Up in München Himmel Kunst und Zwirn

When Etsy announced the winners of the  Etsy Design Awards we didn't have time to read their Blog Post and burst of happiness, because we were in the middle of the set up of  "Himmel, Kunst und Zwirn", our pop up shop in Munich.  Together with a small group of members of the Etsy München Teams we have been busy since May to make this event successful. 

It's a good thing we started early, because during the competition things got really tight at Nauli ... Our schedule is usually filled to the brim anyway.

We took part at a pop-up shop again for the first time since 2010! This time completely different: just one day, real advertising budget, best possible location in Munich, a team with members, many of whom with many years of business experience ... A shame that our core team had shrunk more and more during the search for a location . That was certainly also because everyone found different marketing strategies and marketplaces for themselves in their business development. We do too. - And we also have a limited amount of time and advertising budget. But we like to invest in community building because we strongly believe that it grows bigger and better.

And this time our work was really worth it. Our event was a great success! We had full house, good atmosphere, the audience's eyes were shining and the conversion rate was obviously also good. As we expected, such an event is not exactly the cheapest way of advertising. Without generous sponsorship money, which came from Etsy in this case, the 25 small companies participating would not have been able to make it. And for the next time, we definitely need a larger core team. In this case, the work was done by Krambeutel, WaltrautVonRoda, Noamagpie, Trachtenbaby and us. And yes, this was a lot of work for so few shoulders.

If you could not be there or were there and you noticed afterwards that you definitely want to buy something else: The Etsy Munich team will be happy to welcome you on it's  Website. We've linked the most of the participating shops there.

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