Our concept store is closed - our onlineshop stays open

Over seven billion people have made plans for 2020 that are now impractical because of a virus from the sonorous Corona family. We also. There are also concerns - because of the danger of infecting people classified as risk groups in the family and among friends, but also because of the uncertain financial development.

We small entrepreneurs are definitely among the brave in this society. Now running costs are suddenly to be met from nowhere. Fortunately, we have learned Nauli (s) positive thinking in recent years. This school was tough at times. We try to find solutions and look ahead - sometimes through the problems.
Try it too! Perhaps the world after Covid-19 is completely different. How it will be up to all of us.
As of today, our concept store in Maxvorstadt in Munich is closed until further notice. Of course we stay online for you.
P.S. In the past few days we have encountered many posts on social media that asked not to buy online, but to support the small shops that are now delivering in the neighborhood. Please do not forget that we and a thousand others are just as small and sell online. These online shops also get the variety!
#Shopsmall to maintain diversity. - #stayhome to protect everyone!

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