Now as an Easter surprise - vegan chocolate from Playin Choc!

The vegan surprise chocolate from PlayinChoc with funny paper animals to put together has found many lovers in our store since last spring.

The last delivery was a bit long in coming due to the new import regulations from England. But now it is here! With the new rabbit collection!

Just as fun designed as the forest animals, the endangered animals and the dinosaurs.

Don't you know Playin Choc yet? The chocolate was developed with the active support of two lactose intolerant children in the English family business.

Above all, it was important to Mother Maya that only the best ingredients were used in the chocolate and that the packaging was environmentally friendly.


This resulted in small cardboard cubes, each containing 2 bars of the most delicious chocolate and a surprise cardboard animal. The chocolate is packed in plant-based, compostable film.


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