Sea creatures for the terrace, living room or pool

The sun comes out and there it is, the desire for life outside. We were so taken with the incredibly great beanbags from a small workshop in Saint Tropez that we included them in our program last year when the summer was already over. That was a little crazy. But the lobster has already found many friends in the store. But now the time has come to introduce them to you in detail!

So, tadaaaa! Clear the stage for the crab, seahorse, clam and lobster!

All three are cozy beanbags with a soul, sewn from high-quality material and of course washable. If you open the zipper, you can take out the sack with the balls and put the cover in the washing machine.

We took photos on our parents' roof terrace. Unfortunately, our paddling pool is way too small to let them swim. The giant animals can do that really well too!

> You can find them here in the shop

Outdoor beanbags on the roof terrace

Stacked Sea Creatures Outdoor Bean Bags

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