Tica - bird mobile made of wooden birds by Gazzda

Customer feedback on Gazzda's Tica Birds Mobile with wooden birds
The Tica birds , the newest and smallest Gazzda furniture product, were not yet available when we received a friendly e-mail asking if and when we could deliver.
Of course we could! But that required a little patience from our customers. Gazzda delivered on the promised launch date. And three birds followed the journey North Rhine-Westphalia.
Three weeks later, a photo of the little birds flew into our e-mail inbox with exuberant enthusiasm in words. The three of them fly quite nicely, don't they? They hang in the stairwell above a wooden staircase.
Thanks to Katharina and Jörg for the great photo. We were very happy and of course we hope that the enthusiasm for the wooden birds will continue!
We are always particularly happy about customer photos. Because they authentically reproduce the products in action.

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