Shipping, Shipping, Shipping...

Today we were looking for a suitable photo for the obligatory crisis fee to ship to USA. At the moment we can only send there by DHL. And only if the customer is willing to pay an additional crisis fee.
This means that shipping is often more expensive than the product itself. We do have a customer who believes, that a diary from the Nauli workshop is worth that much and she makes us very happy with her order.
And look who we had as a shipping assistant in 2013? Little A. was overjoyed to be able to play with the packages on the way to the post office.

Kleine Versandhelferin bei Nauli

What has changed since then!

We haven't had a post station on site for years. Little A. is in second grade and is doing homeschooling for weeks like millions of other children around the world. She no longer thinks that Nauli packages are that exciting. But sometimes she is gripped by the jitters and then she takes care of the hearts and the bright red Nauli & Stories stickers or the washi tape embellishment. She likes that Nauli became Nauli & Stories last year. Her little sister Little M. thinks her big sister and the longboard  are much more interesting than our packages.


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