FAQ about Tous les Jours pens

Does the pen with the clip still exist?

Unfortunately, Mark's only made one of the Tous les Jours pens with the clip and have since discontinued it.

Are there other ink colors?

The refills for the Tous les Jours ballpoint pens are only available in black. There are other refills from OHTO, also in blue. But they don't fit in this pen.
> to the black refills

Which mines fit in the pencil?

All standard 0.5mm leads fit in the mechanical pencil. We have LAMY M41 refills with HB hardness in our range.
> to the M41 LAMY HB 

When will the new delivery come?

When the new delivery arrives, we will certainly send out a newsletter and also announce it on social media. The safest thing is to subscribe to our e-mail distribution list.

Will the wood-colored pencils come back?

Unfortunately, the wood-colored Tous les Jours pens are no longer produced. You can still find the yellow ones here .

Is beige black coming back?

Unfortunately beige black is no longer available.