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MarchMeetTheMaker Challenge Instagram kleine Label entdecken

1. Fiona Wilson

2. Bekkie Ora Cheeseman 

3. bessieandtheboystudio

4. Penny at Little Nells

Today the MarchMeetTheMaker Challenge starts again on Instagram. Several years ago, illustrator Joanne Hawker  launched the action on Instagram, and each year more small handmade labels come along.
We have been there for years and always look forward to getting to know unknown "colleagues".
The Instagram challenge pays homage to all maker brands, small brands that still stand for true craftsmanship and try to find their niche away from the mass market. SmallBiz Maker - Brands from around the world join us. The initiator has put a motto every day of the month of March. The makers post daily a photo on the subject.
All posts can be found under the hashtag #MarchMeetTheMaker  on Instagram. The call-post of Joanne Hawker has over 6000 Likes on Instagram. So there is a sheer inexhaustible sea of beautiful things to find and give the makers deeper insight into their work processes and circumstances. Enjoy browsing!

And if you want to be there, join us!

March Meet The Maker Instagram Challenge für kleine Label die von Hand produzieren

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