Home made Raisin Buns

Rezept für Dinkelbrötchen mit Rosinen

If the whole family is feeling down because of the flu and noone feels bread from the next supermarket would be a deal in taste, we look what the larder has to offer, and then sell it as the world's best treat. Raisin Buns! And really, they are not only great for a 3 year old fever-stricken girl but the whole family agrees, they are better than any raisin buns from bakerys around could ever be.

Here is the recipe:
800g spelled flour
2 packages dry yeast
1/2 liter of milk
100g butter
150g raisins
1 egg to mop the buns.
Warm milk and butter and put all other ingredients into it and work out a smooth dough. Then wait for half an hour.
Shape the buns and put them on the greased tray or baking sheet and bake until they are golden brown in a preheated oven at 180 degrees about 30 minutes. 

The buns taste awesome with some butter or just plain.

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