How to make home made Elder Flower syrup


Take your hat off to the elder-bush,” says an old saying in Germany. The Teutons are told to admire the elder-bush because they believed that some goddess is living in the flowers. For us, the flowers of the elder-bush are one with the start of summer.

It´s definitely summer now in Germany. The most time quite hot, and sometimes thundering in the evening. The right weather for a fresh cold summer drink. What´s your favorite one?

Well, our choice is self-made elder syrup with slices of lemon, some fresh mint leaves, and soda water. Yummy and freshening on hot days.

Wanna make your own elderflower syrup? It´s quite easily done! Go for a walk, don´t forget a basket and your garden shears, to cut the clusters. Usually, the biggest and most beautiful flowers are on the top of the tree, out of reach. But if you are lucky, it does not take too long to fill your basket.


60 elderflower clusters
3 l water
2 kg sugar
100 g citric acid
2 lemons
Mix the water, the sugar, and the citric acid. Remove insects from the elderflowers, but do not wash them, because they will lose the aroma. Squeeze the lemons, or slice them if you chose the untreated once. Give all to the elderflowers. Douse the elderflowers with the water mixture. Let the mixture stand covered for 5 days, and stir it every day a couple of times.
Strain the syrup through a cloth and fill it into bottles.
If you love syrup very sweet, you can use more sugar.
Now, it´s done: ready to drink. 6 liters of tasty syrup, enough to give many many liters of water of this smell and taste of late spring and early summer…
A good splash of syrup, a few slices of lemon, fresh mint and ice cubes with soda and you have the tastiest summer drink ever. Good Appetite!

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