Easter bunnies and Easter angels in the Corona crisis

Little. A. had baked these Easter bunnies as an Easter homeschooling project. Luckily we got the yeast for it. In addition to flour, oil and the much-praised toilet paper in the surrounding supermarkets, this is one of the products that is said to make some people feel happy. Little A. baked 23 Easter bunnies with a yeast. Our large family cleaned up half of it for breakfast. She played Easter angels with the others and made the neighbors happy. Even at a distance it's fine.

We have written down the recipe for the Easter bunnies here. But Little A. made double the amount:

500g wheat flour

1 cube of yeast

1 tablespoon of sugar

1 pinch of salt

250ml milk

7 tbsp oil

Pumpkin seeds for the eyes, pine nuts for the whiskers.

Some customers from Munich who order online from us because they cannot visit the shop in Munich at the moment turn out to be Easter angels in the Corona crisis. Thanks very much!

We read an Easter angel story of a special kind today in the Süddeutsche. The teacher Ulrike Pauli paid a whole month's rent for her bookshop in Sendling with the money that she had actually planned for her Easter vacation. Read here .

Crises, especially if they are not lonely crises of individual people, bring new angels onto the scene. And that's beautiful. And gives hope.

Happy remaining Easter hours to you!

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