Waiting for... calendar!

This year we had planned to have our calendars ready by the end of June so that we can present the new collection with new patterns and block colors to you in July and August.

Patterns and colors Nauli calendar 2021

Unfortunately nothing will come of it now. We have already tied the 10th of August and not even the students' calendars. Corona has thrown our plans upside down too. Because as small as we are, our quantities are small, and we too are dependent on large suppliers. Not only do we live in a globalized world because we are at home on two continents, but our small manufactory only works according to plan if everything else is also going according to plan.

If everything goes well now. We can start with the production of the small daily planners, the extra large DIN A4 daily planners and the student calendars in a week.

The DIN A5 daily planners and the weekly calendars have to wait until mid-September.

Thank you for your patience! After all, you're waiting with us...

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