About us



Nauli ist a small sister run company, which aims to cheerish up the world with mostly colorful but always happy, timeless products.  

Nauli the design studio for handmade designs and our brand was formed in 2008 gegründet. Some of our products are made by us since we were teenagers. The cable artist, born in 2015, got awarded with the Etsy Design Award a few weeks after their birth.

Nauli means beautiful and reminds us of our Indonesian grandmother, who sewed doll clothes with us when we were still in kindergarten and thus guaranteed unbelievable proud moments in our children's souls. 

Since we went online in 2009, a small selection of photo albums and DVD / CD cases has evolved into a huge assortment of albums, notebooks, diaries, guest books and boxes. Every fall we release a limited collection of calendars.
Our photo albums and DVD cases are prized by photographers around the world for whom photographs are of lasting value in the world of digital photography, and who want valuable packaging that will please even the next generation.

We hope that our small fine edition of handmade wool accessories and children's textile products will not only delight one generation.

Nauli is an online shop that has been synonymous with timeless quality products since 2009 that are far from boredom. In addition to our own products you will find here a huge selection of original Japanese Washi Tape and Japanese Paper Balloons, beautiful writing instruments and other, mostly small design products from Germany and also from elsewhere. All fair produced and in tested quality.

Nauli & Stories is a concept store in Munich. Yup! Young and still in his infancy. We put our experience of almost 10 years on the net now in curating much more beautiful products with Nauli factor and present them in our store 50 meters from the Siegestor in Munich. We are looking forward to your visit!


Heads and hands behind Nauli:

On the internet, you usually hear us speaking with one voice because we do almost both. Everybody talks about the other:

Eva-Dewi Johanna
  • As a communications designer, she has printed more than 500 DIN A2 multicolored linoleum prints by hand for her diploma thesis.
  • Although she has spent years branding for other companies, she believes that even today the product should speak for itself and finds nothing worse than the "branding overload".
  • She has the sense of a ruler and works neater than a machine. And that has always been like that. At age 3, she cut herself out of the catalog with the nail scissors finger rings, which she really could wear. Geometry is for them the logical thing in the world.
  • She is a great mother of two unique daughters and wife of artist Sri Maryanto, who prints even better than she.
  • Her unbeatable sense of humor is definitely unique and sometimes tears in the workshop and other life situations.
  • has a special relationship to colors. She is a synesthet and words are also colors in her, which often led to funny situations in our childhood. Today, this sense is an asset to Nauli.
  • She deals with the technical conditions and possibilities of our online presence and marketing and also looks at statistics.
  • Prior to Nauli, she was preoccupied with literature and culture and infected other people with her enthusiasm. At the moment she has little time left, but I'm waiting for her to apply for a sabbatical to explore the New Economy.
  • In the Gymnasium, she learned first steps of bookbinding in an extra-curricular class and selflessly passed on her knowledge to her little sisters. As you can see, this had a long-term effect. 

Team members: 


Alina Sri Maryanto

helps with advice and action in almost all areas. Her support is limitless, as is the case with most mothers if they think, their  children's ideas are uniquely good. Sometimes you meet her keeping the shop, too.

has the friendly smile that you  often meet in our store. She makes beautiful ceramics, which is also available there. She is a photographer in her other professional life and makes many of the photos for our online shop.
is an artist by profession. At Nauli he is the all-round talent. Especially when it comes to wood and the walls of the old building. Sometimes you can find his art in our exhibition.