The Japanese stationery manufacturer Midori has been around since 1950. 
      It began with stationery and became a success story two years later with the first business diaries.

      In the 1960s the popular MD Paper was invented, which is now the popular base in all Midori notebooks.

      In 2006 the great Midori Notebook was put on the market, which is now known as the  Traveler's Notebook under the brand Traveler's Company. This leather notebook and its numerous extensions is practical and at beautiful companion everywhere.

      2008 the minimalist MD Notebooks and the funny paper clips D-Clips started selling and haven't  lost any of their attractiveness to this day.

      The Paintable Stamps have been added to the range since 2020 and Midori has definitely conquered the hearts of the journaling and scrapbooking community forever.

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