Gazzda Stuhl Stuhl MUNA mit furnierter Sitzfläche
Gazzda Stuhl Stuhl MUNA mit furnierter Sitzfläche
Gazzda Stuhl Stuhl MUNA mit furnierter Sitzfläche
Gazzda Stuhl Stuhl MUNA mit furnierter Sitzfläche
Gazzda Stuhl Stuhl MUNA mit furnierter Sitzfläche

Chair MUNA with veneered seat

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wood color

The popular MUNA chair by Gazzda is now also available with a veneered seat. -So to speak, an easy-care variant.

MUNA impresses above all with its ergonomic curves. The processing of the solid oak wood is also an eye-catcher. The armrests make it a really comfortable chair.

The curved seat is wood veneer.

When it comes to wood, you have the choice between white oiled and naturally oiled oak.

Dimensions: width: 54 cm, depth: 53 cm, height 75 cm


Delivery within Germany is included in the price and is usually carried out by a forwarding agent.

This chair can be ordered individually.

is a designer furniture brand from Bosnia and Herzegovina that not only values good design, but also the quality of its craftsmanship. At Nauli & Stories we like things that came to stay. When we saw Gazzda's furniture, it was clear. They suit us! We have been Gazzda dealers since 2018 and we are delighted by the enthusiasm of our customers and the trusting cooperation with Gazzda every day.

Free shipping within Germany

We deliver this piece of furniture free of charge within Germany.

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we can only deliver within Germany. The cost of international shipping is so volatile that it's simply not possible to make an offer that will still apply once Gazzda has finished the piece of furniture. As soon as this changes, we will of course be happy to deliver to Germany's neighboring countries again.

Who delivers?

We or our carrier.
We reacted flexibly to the challenges of the pandemic and delivered as many pieces of furniture as possible ourselves. This enabled us to make shorter delivery times possible. Fortunately, from November 2022 we will be able to increasingly rely on our reliable carrier again.

How and where to is it delivered?

Your furniture will be delivered in 2-person handling and brought to the point of use as far as this is possible with 2 people.
If it turns out on site that this is not possible, we reserve the right to only deliver up to the top edge of the sidewalk. In the case of construction sites or similar obstacles, delivery is made to the next possible point.

Who is assembling the furniture?

You can purchase the service of assembling of your furniture when you buy it. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to book assembly on delivery at short notice when the delivery is already planned.

How is the delivery date made?

As soon as the delivery to us or our forwarding agent has been announced, we will contact you. For furniture that we deliver ourselves, we usually make a delivery date proposal. If your piece of furniture is delivered by our carrier, a little patience is usually required until their office contacts you.

How long does the delivery take?

All Gazzda furniture is made to order. Shipping usually takes 8 to 12 weeks.

Do you have furniture in stock?

Very rarely do we have individual items in stock. If an item is in stock in our warehouse this is clearly stated in the product description.

Can I pick up my furniture in Munich and save money?

Yes, if you can come by relatively flexibly in terms of time, you can pick it up yourself. We would be happy to make you a separate offer. Please use the contact form.

Can I order special sizes?

For Gazzda, special dimensions are only worthwhile for large quantities. So if you want to set up a hotel, there is a good chance that Gazzda will produce it especially for you. No special dimensions are made for production numbers of less than 25 pieces.

Can I order a piece of furniture with my own upholstery fabric?

Yes, this is now possible! To determine if your upholstery material is suitable, Gazzda needs a 60 x 60 cm piece of upholstery fabric or leather.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

Can I have fabric samples and leather samples sent to me?

Yes, we are happy to lend you samples for a nominal fee of 85 Euros. This includes shipping - and return shipping within Germany. The samples must be sent back to us within 3 weeks. The protection fee will either be charged in full with your order or we will refund it minus a processing fee of 15 Euros.

Can I reorder individual parts?

The new headboard for your bed, for example? Yes, that is possible. We are happy to make a price inquiry with Gazzda. However, the prices are high compared to the overall price of the furniture.

Our recommendation: Deep Frame!

If you want to remain flexible in the future when it comes to your slatted frame, we recommend that you opt for the "Deep Frame" version. Here the mattress sinks deeper into the frame, which we personally find more comfortable.

As a reminder: The "normal" Fawn has a frame height of 10cm. The bed base of the "Deep Frame" is 14cm high. The design hardly loses anything in terms of filigree.

Nevertheless, both versions are of course beautiful! If you are unsure, please contact us!

Showroom and concept store in Munich

The FAWN bed is currently in our exhibition in the Deep Frame version with a leather headboard!

We are looking forward to your visit:

Nauli & Stories 
Adalbertstr. 10 - 12
80799 Munich 
80m from the subway station Universität and the Siegestor

Find the way Google maps .

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ist eine Designermöbelmarke aus Bosnien und Herzegovina, die nicht nur Wert auf gutes Design, sondern auch auf die Qualität ihrer Handwerkskunst legt. Wir von Nauli & Stories mögen Dinge, die gekommen sind, um zu bleiben. Als wir die Möbel von Gazzda sahen, war klar. Die passen zu uns!

Seit 2018 sind wir Gazzda Händler und die Begeisterung unserer Kunden und die vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit mit Gazzda freut uns täglich.

Gazzda Massivholzmöbel

Nach Deiner Bestellung wird Dein Möbelstück von einer kleinen bis mittelgroßen Werkstätte in Bosnien- Herzegovina für Gazzda hergestellt. Das bedeutet: Keine Überproduktion - besser für die Umwelt.

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Viele der Designs von Gazzda wurden mit begehrten Designpreisen ausgezeichnet.
Das Bett Fawn zum Beispiel gewann 2015 den RedDot Award.

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FSC zertifiziertes Holz

Gazzda Möbel sind aus FSC zertifiziertem Holz hergestellt.